Thoughts #1: Mind without Body. Body without Mind.

A new post series presented by Speak Apparel in which we post short write ups covering any interesting ideas that we believe have high merit...

In a sport that grants creative freedom, what separates and defines an individual? The creation of a hierarchy of riders becomes inevitable within a sport that has no rules or regulations. In order to fit into this hierarchy, riders attempt to align themselves with a specific group of other riders that best match their own abilities. I use the word "abilities" because what decides a riders style is not entirely their own conscious decision. A rider's style is partially determined before a rider has even developed it themselves. It is predetermined by their cognitive aptitude in relation to their body. The differing styles within a sport are a direct reflection of the different abilities and personalities of the individuals. A rider's style is a window into understanding them on a very personal level. The most interesting part for me is what determines different styles. What determines different styles is each riders relative balance between the mind and the body. This concept separates freestyle sports into two sides; athlete and artist. An athlete is a rider who often has greater physical abilities then creative abilities. Oppositely, an artist is a rider who often has greater creative abilities then physical abilities. A rider without an innovative mind is nothing but a body limited to mimicking riders at the top of the sport's hierarchy. Inversely, a rider with an innovative mind but lacks body control will be unable to fulfill their ideas at full potential. What a good rider must understand and practice is the balance between the two. A rider with an appreciation of both mind and a body is a rider that will receive praise from all groups in a sport...if that praise even matters to you. 

-Bobby Pantano @